Relationships and Addiction

Posted on: May 31, 2021 by in Addiction
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Relationships can be a healthy support system especially for those who are experiencing addiction. Relationships are complex and take work to maintain. When addiction enters into the mix, these relationships can become difficult to keep. Many shift their focus from their relationships to their substance use.

How Addiction Can Damage Relationships

There are several different things that could come to the surface that cause damages to the relationships that are most important in an addict's life.

  • Secrecy
    • Showing strong feelings of shame and guilt
    • Lying about where they are or who they are with
  • Trust Issues
    • Lack of respect, honesty, and loyalty
  • Anger and Abuse
    • This can cause concerns especially if the substance that is being abused can increase anger and violence
  • Enabling
    • Accepting blame
    • Making excuses
  • Codependency
    • Controlling others because they don’t think the other can function
    • Very cautious and very aware of the emotional changes of others

Relationship Help

There are treatment options that can help to repair those relationships that have been damaged. These treatments can help to end dysfunctional habits, help to deal with these issues, and help to reinvest time and energy.

  • Individual therapy
  • Family/couples therapy
  • Support groups

If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction know that there are treatment programs out there that can help. Please reach out to a doctor for help.

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