Are Halfway Houses Effective for Addiction Recovery?

Posted on: October 30, 2020 by in Addiction Treatment
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In order to briefly explain if someone should use a halfway house, it is important to first understand what a halfway house is. A halfway house is a transitional house for people who are recovering from alcohol/drug abuse but aren't quite ready to resume normal day-to-day living on their own. A halfway house has many benefits for someone who is recovering from substance abuse addiction.

What Is A Halfway House?

People can come to halfway houses from different places, but it's especially convenient for those who have recently completed inpatient rehabilitation treatment. In most cases, halfway houses require that potential residents undergo drug-screening assessments/tests to prove they are clean.

How Halfway Houses Are Beneficial

Halfway houses can be considered as a step below inpatient treatment and it is a good solution for those who are currently attending an outpatient treatment program. Their purpose is to help the patient avoid temptations in everyday life and to commit to their only goal of recovery. The halfway house will provide support for people in order to continue with their recovery process while acclimating to living outside of an inpatient facility. People who are in a recovering process will find support from people who are there in the same situation.

Final Words

Without this whole package of benefits that halfway house provides, patients on their recovery journey could more easily succumb to pressure and perhaps find it easier to return to their harmful old habits. Before making an independent decision on whether a halfway house is the next right step in your recovery process, it is always wise to consult with the medical professionals who will give you all the necessary advice to make your recovery as successful as possible.

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