How to Say No to Alcohol and Drugs

Posted on: December 27, 2019 by in Alcoholism Treatment
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Whether you're newly sober or trying to avoid drugs and alcohol altogether, there will likely be a time when you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation where you feel tempted to use drugs or alcohol. When that happens, you'll be prepared.

Try the following suggestions to help:

  1. Make an excuse to leave.
  2. Ask for help from a trusted source.
  3. Only go places where you know drugs and/or alcohol will not be present.
  4. Never leave your drink unattended.
  5. Make new friends who will not pressure or expect you to abuse substances.

How to Say No to Alcohol and Drugs

If you find yourself in a situation where someone is offering you drugs or alcohol, try the following:

  1. Look the person in the eye and firmly tell them you don't want to drink or use drugs.
  2. Give a reason why you don't want to drink or use drugs (say things like: I'm trying to stay clean, it's bad for me, I need to be up early in the morning, I'm driving, etc.).
  3. Ask that person to not ask you to drink or use drugs in the future.
  4. If the person persists in trying to get you to drink or use drugs, remove yourself from the situation or their proximity.

No matter the situation, being prepared to say no and to take steps to avoid substance abuse will help you avoid using drugs or alcohol. If someone truly cares for you and your wellbeing, they will respect your decision to say no.

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