Living Sober During COVID-19 Quarantine is Possible

Posted on: April 20, 2020 by in Alcoholism Treatment
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Quarantine is a difficult time for everyone, and for those who want to stay sober, the challenge can be even greater. Addiction is an everyday struggle, which must also be won every day. At times the context of quarantine may feel too complex: from one day to the next we are forced to stay locked up in the house for 24 hours, for an indefinite number of days. The boredom and weariness that this situation produces can lead one to relapse into alcohol or substance abuse. Despite these difficulties, you should know that sober living during quarantine is possible. Here are a few tips that can help you stay healthy.

Sober at Home

Staying sober at home might demand a lot of willpower, but you can achieve your goal if you keep faith with yourself.

  • The most important advice for sober living during quarantine is to keep busy most of the time. Fortunately, there are many things you can do: clean the house, learn new healthy disciplines such as yoga or meditation, plan in detail a work project that inspires you, fix broken appliances that you couldn't fix before due to lack of time, finish reading that novel you had pending. If you have small children, play with them until you get tired. If your children are a little older, talk to them as much as you can, remember that you have time for that now.
  • Keep in touch with family and friends you can't see — especially if you live alone. Thanks to social networks and cell phones, today it is possible to stay in touch with our loved ones no matter the distance. Tell them about yourself and let them know you care about them. You can support each other during these difficult times.
  • Please, control your consumption of unhealthy media such as television and social media. Television tends to exaggerate and dramatize life. If you pay too much attention to the drama, you could have a relapse.

Inpatient rehab tips

If staying sober at home is impossible, consider an inpatient rehab facility to help you obtain sobriety. Inpatient rehab is a great opportunity to overcome alcoholism once and for all. During your stay at an inpatient facility, you can ride out the quarantine and focus on your recovery. Many inpatient rehab facilities may even take your health insurance. Due your due diligence and find the facility that will be the right fit for your recovery by talking to your primary care doctor and researching facilities.

Sober living may not always feel easy, but it is worthwhile and attainable.

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