The Cost of Sober Living

Posted on: January 10, 2020 by in Articles
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When you hear the word 'cost,' you probably think about the monetary meaning. There has to be a set number following a dollar sign. Concerning sober living, there is a monetary meaning but there is also a meaning to the mental, emotional, and physical cost, as well.

The Monetary Cost

It’s known that alcohol use can take a large portion of an individual’s budget. However, that same budget can greatly improve an individual’s lifestyle when the budget of a recovering alcoholic shifts from being controlled by alcohol to a budget that now focuses back on making house payments, utilities, and taking care of themselves. This budgetary shift towards sober living makes emotional and mental improvements for the newly sober person.

The Emotional and Mental Cost

When alcohol takes over an individual’s life, it’s all an individual can think of. While an addict will likely always feel emotional pull to alcohol, there is still hope for sober living. Sober living allows an individual to strengthen relationships with friends and family. Thus, strengthening an individual’s positive coping mechanisms.

The Physical Cost

When an individual chooses to live sober, the human body stops being exposed to a harmful substance – alcohol. The cells in the liver are not continuously damaged. The kidneys are not continuously damaged trying to filter out alcohol. The stomach is not secreting high amounts of acid which decreases the acid reflux that damages the esophagus. Lastly, the body is not deprived of nutrients.

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