Understanding Outpatient Rehab

Posted on: October 9, 2020 by in Rehab
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For anyone who struggles with substance abuse, outpatient rehab is an effective treatment option.

There may be some individuals who need an intensive program that can only be had with a residential facility. However, individuals who are seeking treatment but are also able to function can get help for their needs without interfering with their personal responsibilities such as work, family, school, and other obligations.

Each outpatient program offers various services that will be tailored to a person's individual needs. Many involve treatment options such as medication-assisted detox, counseling sessions, group therapy, and other types of therapies and groups. A comprehensive treatment program is designed to treat the entire person instead of simply their underlying disease. The goal of outpatient rehab is to overcome potential triggers so that a person can achieve long-term sobriety.

Outpatient Versus Inpatient

Although there are similarities between both types of programs, they also have significant differences. Outpatient programs are not as intensive and provide individuals with the freedom to work or go to school while also seeking treatment. They're a good option for a person who has a stable home environment and may have a less serious substance abuse problem.

This does not mean that outpatient programs are ideal for everyone though. If a person has been struggling with a problem for a long time or has failed outpatient programs before, then it may be better to consider an inpatient treatment method.

Most outpatient programs consist of day treatment, intensive outpatient, and continuing care groups. Depending on specific needs, a doctor or the treatment provider may recommend some programs and not others. Some may also change treatment programs as they progress in their recovery. Regardless of the outpatient program chosen, these programs are designed to help individuals recover and can be effective for motivated individuals. Talking with a treatment provider can lead a person to seek out the appropriate outpatient program for them.

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